Dear Hobo Hotel,
My name is Maggy (but it was Belle at the shelter). Since I have been adopted, my mom (Lisa Giurley) has spoiled me with SO many toys! I thought I would donate some of them so the other kitties have something to play with. I love the spoiled, adopted life with my mom, and wanted to thank Hobo Hotel for everything they did for me while I was there.
Love, Maggy

This is Michelle Jardell. I adopted Gracie and Momma. I finally got a picture of "the grouch sisters" as I call them. Lol. They are doing very well and both are eating frequently. I renamed them. Momma is Millie (aka Milli Vanilli), because I am also Momma and it got confusing. Gracie is still Gracie, but I call her Sweet Pickles. They get along with our dog. I will try to get a picture of them all together soon.

Two cats.