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Interact Club at Hobo Hotel

Many thanks to our Interact Club for their assistance with cleaning and TLC on March 16th. The club is made up of junior and high school students from a number of Lake Charles schools. Their sponsor is Michelle Jordan.

Cat and cleaning items.

Jane can't believe all these gifts were for her! The Kitten Shower was a great success. Many thanks to all who donated.

Prien Lake Elementary at Hobo Hotel

Prien Lake Elementary has partnered with Hobo Hotel and others to provide participating students volunteer opportunities. The "Paw Patrol" volunteers visit the shelter with an adult to provide kitty TLC. This is Nimrah, one of the regulars with the Paw Patrol.

Corner Gallery and Hobo Hotel

Corner Gallery has partnered with Hobo Hotel to provide a venue for us to sell some of our donated items. Many thanks to Nancy Granich for her generosity and support. She wished to do this in memory of her sister, Billy Sue Rainy Pruitt, who was a great cat lover.

Family of cats

Watch FOX29 morning news show on the 2nd Wednesday of every month to hear about Hobo Hotel and see some of our adorable kitties.

Little girl with kitties and household cleaning supplies.

This young lady used her chore money to buy goodies for the shelter and our kitties.

Woman with gift basket

Cynthia Hubbs won the Mother's Day gift basket raffle. Congratulations to her!

Little girl with kitten food and cat.

An early Kitten Shower gift from someone who wanted to remain anonymous. Don't forget to drop by the shelter on May 5th between 2pm and 4pm. Bring a shower gift for the kitties, enjoy some refreshments, and tour the shelter.

Girl and boy with cat food

Thank you Anna and Owen for the donations!

Woman standing in front of Daycare with kitty items

Owner Lisa Sanders of Tiny Steps Daycare, donated kitten milk and cash!

Hobo Hotel building

2019 marks the 20th year that Hobo Hotel has been in operation. We are planning a celebration! Arrangments will be announced when they are finalized. Stay tuned.