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Hobo Hotel for Cats Happy Tails
Adam found his forever home with Kamryn
​Adam and Bagheera looking at Mom Kamryn

.Clint celebrated his 10th birthday by adopting Latifah
Casey wanted a cat for his 12th birthday
.Renee Primeaux and Brian Griggs, with KellerWilliams, brought a car full of food and litter.
Butterbean and Kibble are going home with the Young family.
Chloe brought treats, food and toys for the kitties.
Brittany is adding Haley to the family.
Cooper was adopted by the Smith family a couple of years ago. He has grown into a beautifull sweet boy.
Barbara, with a little help from Phoebe, donated an original painting. “Hobo and Friends Enjoying the Lake Charles Boat Parade” to our Sweet Arts Auction
Jackie Kowman’s 4th grade Sparks students participated in the Power Play Young Entrepreneurs Project. They visited Hobo Hotel during their “Helping Hands Tour” to distribute donations and monies raised from their projects.
Bella is moving to Jennings with Macie and Nikolas.
Sunshine was adopted by the Beng family.
Juice is going home with Justin and Amanda
Bowie was adopted
Midnight was adopted
Tevin was adopted
Just wanted to give y’all an update on Bowie, who we adopted on the 17th. 

He did well on his car ride home. That evening he took a really good nap with his new friend, Avery. And by the next day, he was perfectly integrated with the entire family. He has been so loving and relaxed, and is just an awesome cat. He’s going to be perfect for our family!!! 

Elnora is going home with the Wardrup family
Peter and Pharoah made an instant connection.
Ramsey will be making his home with the Townsley family.
Sketch was adopted by Patti Landry.
Bianca found her forever home with the Trahans
Blackie is going home with the Hill family.
.Doc is going home with Melissa
Snow found her forever home with the January family! She will even have a cat friend to play with! 
Sylvester found his forever home with Colleen
Forrest went home with the Jeffers family.
Bonnie found her special place in her new home.
Sue Benge "Perfect Match"
Rowdy was adopted by the Bayfield family.
Lion and Samantha are looking forward to their new friendship.
Thumblina will soon be living in Natchotiches with Case
Diane Mere adopts Canna for her little girls as a Christmas present
 Mikayla Lazarus adopted Martini 
Cynthia Vincent adopted Gaston
.Pepper found her forever home with Jared Rackley
The Gibbs family adopted Angie .
.Sam gets his forever home with the Bollocking as a birthday present for his daughter
Debbie adopted Abigail
Windsor was adopted by Carli Karluk, a match made in heaven
Mudpie was adopted by Jessica Shavers
Willy was adopted by the Fiorita Family
Fudgesicle and Cooper are now great friends
Abbie was adopted by Amber Kopecky
I got my cat from hobo hotel a few months ago and her name was Rue.

Her name is now Lizzie and she brightens all my days. Just wanted to tell you thank you for keeping her alive and healthy! She doesn’t go outside without me. I only let her come into my fenced patio with me while I water my flowers
It took about an hour for Angel Baby to settle in with the Fontenot Family
Charlotte Reynolds adopted Tal
Boo is going home with Bailey and Kane
Eddie was adopted by Laniesha Brown.
Jo found her forever home with Benoit family.
Laura Alpha adopted Allie
Ginger was adopted by Bridget Rodney
Beau has his forever home with the Bourque familty.
Camille had a birthday party and asked her guests to bring gifts for the Hobo kitties.
Veronica is going home with  Mrs. Perry who says, "She's older (9 years) and I'm older so we will make a good pair." 
​Kami was adopted by the Corbello family
​Elton (now Orange) was adopted by the Simon Family
Opal found her forever home with the Kastler family
​Sunshine is now a member of the Duffy family
Coby is moving to Elton with Jessie
Barnee was adopted by the Fuselier family
Tatum was adopted by the Martine family
Milo and Otis were adopted by Kaylee Lanier
Girl Scout Troop 2034 visited to learn about taking care of cats and to plan some helping projects.
The troop had a car wash, donations of 470lbs litter, 52rolls paper towels and 4 Clorox wipes. They  worked brushing the kitties, cleaning cat trees, cleaning windows, Tlc kitties and washing base boards
Bruce and Waynette were adopted by the Cervay family
Darling found his forever home
Fiesty Skade is going home with the Moreno family
Hazel will be living in Kinder with the Nolen family
Alyssa wanted to spend her birthday with Hobo kitties
Hobo Hotel and Pit Bull Rescue were guests at the South City Christian Church's Life Skills Camp. Children enjoyed learning how to be a good pet parents.
Antonio (now Sam) was adopted by Ms Ridgeway.

Virginia was adopted by the White Family
Leon and Mario were adopted by Mr Miller (but dob't tell anyone ...It's a surprise for his girlfriend.
Ms Young adopted Annie May
Chip is going home with the Domingue family.
Addison Moreno set up a lemonade stand and raised $120 to sponsor a Hobo kitty.

Madison adopted Pickles (now Banjo).
Begonia loves her new home in Laccasine with Ms. Gary.
Cherry and Evangeline are settling in with the Cole family.
Chuck was adopted by Lisa and Mark Cormie
Emily is giving six year old Clarabelle a forever home.
Clayton and Shasta are making their home in Jennings with the Fowler-Holland family.
Emily is giving six year old Clarabelle a forever home.
Ms. Gosnell and her new neighbors from Austria, Leonhard and Alice, brought goodies for the Hobo kitties and volunteers.
Patrick will be making his home with Cathy Chapman and Dave Brown, who have a loving bond with special needs cats.
Nala and Pirouette are checking out the goodies donated by Penny Maylen.
Sundae was adopted by the Simon family
Tandy is settling in well at her new home.
Yul was adopted by Jacey Cole.
Violet was adopted by the Mason family.
Ryan Andrus adopted Tony.
Precious Thunder is going home with the Cantu family.
Dobby is going home with the Derouen family.
Chow-Chow is going home with the Lavergne family.
Como was adopted by the Hartley family.
Pamela was adopted by the Steers family.
Yogi was adopted by the Hunt family.
Harland was adopted by the Boudreaux family.
Williams found his forever home with Kristen King whahoo
Marley adopted by the Vidrine family
Reuben was adopted by the Lopez family
Emory was adopted by the Cron family
Brinkley is joining the Borel family.
Joshua Ezernack adopted Caddy!
Bridget adopted Rubina.
Danita was adopted by the Webre family.
Ryan and Shelby adopted Kirby
Batman came to visit Hobo Hotel today.
Haddie and Brooklyn donated $100 from their lemonade stand sales.
Hilly is going home with the Ward family.
Mykala wanted to visit Hobo kitties on her 7th birthday..
Hope was adopted by the Bell family.
Curtis Cox adopted Leo for his girlfriend for their 2 1/2 year anniversary