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Hobo Hotel for Cats Happy Tails

We adopted Cooper, a White Manx,  from Hobo Hotel in May 2012. He is a wonderful part of our family. He is very sweet, smart , mischievous and playful. We also have a black and white manx we adopted from a Houston shelter. They love each other dearly and cuddle and play all day. Thank you Hobo Hotel for the gift of Cooper.

​I received a call recently from one of your volunteers to check on a kitty I adopted several months ago from you. I just wanted to let you know that Bree is doing well and has come a long way from the extremely shy kitty she was when we first brought her home. She loves to be petted and she no longer stays hidden from everyone. She still doesn't care much for visitors or strangers and usually hides when anyone new comes in. I really don't know if that will ever change, but that's OK, we love her just as she is and she's definitely a part of our family. She does have a little "sister" now that she likes to play with and groom and that keeps her company when we're not home.

​ I am very thankful that the volunteer that was there the day we came in encouraged us to give her a chance. I was really afraid she would not adjust to us, but with a lot of patience and love she has blossomed. She is a beautiful, sweet girl that we are so glad to have with us. 

Thank you so much for all you do to help homeless kitties find their forever families.

Michelle Naquin

      A large gray tabby, soon to be named Silas, was found wandering in circles in the back yard of the Longion family. 

                  Silas Finds a Home in Time for the Holidays
      They contacted Hobo Hotel. While we’d had several cats with vision problems, we’d never had a blind cat. We decided to give it a try. Silas saw our vet who determined that he had a long-standing viral respiratory infection which affected his eyes. Tests were done to determine if he had any functional vision and if any vision could be restored, but it was not to be. He was treated with a series of antibiotic eye drops and remained in quarantine until he was better and no longer contagious.

     He was moved to our lobby where he adapted well, having no problems finding food, litter boxes or friends--both feline and human. The family who
found him visited him several times.

     Visitors and volunteers were instantly attracted to Silas, who was calmly accepting of all their attention and quickly became a shelter favorite. ​ He was a lap cat bar none—no matter how large or small the lap   Although he was a chronic sneezer, no one minded.

       He adjusted well and enjoyed cozying up to other cats and kittens for mutual grooming, napping and playing. His favorite game was to follow you around  and grab your ankles. Fortunately, he tolerated having his nails trimmed. He also liked to bat a ball with a bell in it and played for as long as anyone had time to. 

      To everyone’s delight (although a few tears were shed), Silas was adopted by the LaComb family. They have seven children, one of whom has a vision disorder. Silas’ calm and accepting nature allowed him to quickly fit in and make himself an important part of a family who loves him very much.

       Here’s what Mrs. LaComb had to say:
  “I’ve always loved cats and had three when I got married. When we started raising our kids and the cats got older and eventually died, we just could not replace them. We both forgot how much we enjoyed having a cat around! 
       “I was actually looking for a kitten for my oldest daughter when I saw Silas on the Hobo Hotel website. Our youngest son is adopted from China and is blind in one eye, so we have a special place in our hearts for the visually impaired. I sat and played with Silas and petted him for a bit. He was such a  love bug. I did not find a baby kitten for my daughter, but talked to my husband and children about Silas. I showed them his picture on the website. Much like after our adoption journeys to China, the kids would ask almost daily, “are we gonna adopt that kitty?" I would say, "I'm not sure if he'd be happy with us” or “I’m not sure if he's still there" Finally about two weeks later, I decided to drive to Lake Charles and bring him home. The kids were elated and loved Silas immediately. He has adjusted well. He found his food and litter box immediately and walks through the house now with very few bumps. He plays with the kitten and they sleep together and groom each other. I believe he's slept in every bed at least once and gets along with everyone. His sneezing has improved and he is settling in to his routine. He gets up early with the kids at 5:30 and plays with them before they get on the bus. He and the kitten are still playing when I leave for work!"
        Silas was at Hobo Hotel for almost seven months. He was adopted on 10-25-13. With medical care and lots of TLC, he became a healthy, independent and happy cat—in time to find a home for the holidays.

We adopted Julia 7/14. She has been a joy to our Family and my boys Rocky and Duke love her. Here is a picture of Rocky and Julia resting on the deck. She stays in the house but loves to walk around on the deck and play with her new family.  

Karen Miller

.This is Biscuit, y'all had called him Lance. He is very much enjoying his new forever home and has become best friends with our one year old son, Christian. I have never met a cat that's so relaxed and fun! Thank you for all that you are doing! Biscuit really needed us and I think we need him even more! 

This is Catsby, I adopted him from y'all a while back in February when he was 6 months. I love him so much and I'm glad I have him in my life. Thank you, Lindsey Perrodin
We adopted Dottie in April. Her full name is Dottie Jane. She has adjusted to her new home very well. We love her and are enjoying her antics. She is so cute. -Julie Miers
        His behavior was odd and they weren’t sure if he was friendly. A large fishing net was used to catch him and they quickly saw that his eyes were  cloudy and he couldn’t see. The family had four outside cats who slept in a cook room. Silas was put there until it could be determined what to do with him. He walked around the room, staying close to the walls. He didn’t know how to use a litter box but developed the skill in a few days. He was happy to eat regularly and didn’t mind the other cats, although they minded him. The family knew that Silas couldn’t be an outside cat anymore, that their cook room was too small for five cats, especially since one of them was a bit of a bully—not the best environment for Silas.

Wanted to send a pic of our sweet kitten Lola (was Ozzie when I picked her up from Hobo Hotel). She has become part of our family along with Hooligan (the white kitty) that we adopted from a friend a few weeks after Lola came to our home. They are best friends and have given us tons of joy and laughter!" -Penny O'Quinn Goldman
Toni has Cookie's lap so Crystal decided a shoulder would have to do.
Slippers and Doc Hollywood are doing great in their new home with Mr. Norman.
Ashes and Ben (now Daisy and Gatsby) are doing great in their new home and are quite smitten with eath other!

Thomas J with Mary. He's very happy in his forever home.
​If you've been to the shelter, you've met Crystal who has been with us for a number of years. She has been in foster care with a family who thinks she's great and doesn't mind her sneezing. Doesn't she look good? She gets lots of lap time and snacks and doesn't seem to miss us at all, which is just purrrrfect.
​Another Happy Tail...
Quilla loves her new home

He Sees With His Heart

Hobo Hotel became a part of Tom Cat’s life on January 14, 2016 when a gentleman walked into our no-kill shelter with tears in his eyes! He had found a young male kitten about 12 weeks old. He had fully intended on keeping him, so he named him Tom, and immediately took him to his vet because the kitten’s eyes appeared to be infected. His thoughts were that a round of antibiotics would surely clear up this problem. The news he received instead was devastating. Either due to a birth defect or a severe upper respiratory and eye infection, this kitten would never see his world!

The man’s work schedule was such that he was not home for long periods and he knew he would not be able to care for a blind kitten. He was told about Hobo Hotel and this was the day my life was changed forever. Tom Cat had to be isolated because his upper respiratory infection was contagious. This meant that he was never able to have another kitten to cuddle and play with. No mama to teach him social skills and to make matters worse, to prevent more eye infections, he would need to have his eyes removed and lids sewn shut.
One would think that the weeks that followed would be filled with sympathy, tears, sadness, and a very depressed kitten with no will to live. Well, Tom Cat would have no part of that. When I would hold him close to comfort him, he would rub his handsome face against mine, as if to say “I may not see you with my eyes, but I surely see you with my heart!”

When he was no longer contagious, I introduced him to the lobby where cats are free to roam and greet the people who come to visit Hobo. It took Tom Cat all of one day to learn where the food, water, and litter boxes were located. I set up an area with toys and tunnels that made noise, and he took it from there. Our visitors stay for hours sitting and watching Tom play. They laugh at his antics and enthusiasm and many still ask me, “Are you sure he can’t see?” His favorite toy is a little mouse which he tracks with great precision. This brings shouts of joy, but also disbelief, because of his ability to locate it at all times.

One of my favorite memories finds little Tom’s paws patting my chest to get my attention. I was standing behind the black chair I always sit in to watch him play and was talking to another volunteer. Tom had become so secure in his surroundings, I was not worried about him. Well, like he knew I was not watching him, he made his way to the top of the chair following the sound of my voice and was giving me love pats to get my attention. This time instead of me checking on him, he was checking on me. He let me pet him for about a minute and then he was off again to see what life had to offer. His zest for living has been so contagious that we all wonder, “What did we do before Tom Cat came through our doors”?

The purrfect family has come forth to give our beloved Tom Cat a forever home. As I write this, there are tears in my eyes because knowing that he will no longer be at Hobo Hotel leaves me with a big, empty place in my heart! However, I know this proud, fearless, handsome kitten will continue to spread his courage, uplifting spirit, and his love for life for many years to come.

Yes, Tom Cat sees with his heart and he has taught me to do the same!

 MAC Gets his forever home with the Averys in Houston
Little Bit gets his forever HOME with Tyler, Courtney and Khouri
Taffy gets her forever HOME with Shauna Yay
Kanai got his forever home with the Church's
Adam found his forever home with Kamryn
Kitten is really hungry and is loving the Fancy Feast
​Adam and Bagheera looking at Mom Kamryn

 Nettie has settled in and is very happy. She curled up with her new mom, Carol, and started purring right away. She adjusted immediately to her new home. It seems to be a perfect match.
​Demarco is going home with the Nolan family. He will be a bilingual cat.
Crystal, assistant director of the Moss Bluff Elementary extended day program brought donations from students.
Kinsey Demarets shares profits from a school project with Hobo Hotel
Craig and Jay
.Clint celebrated his 10th birthday by adopting Latifah
.Benjamin raised some money for the Hobo kitties.
 Elijah celebrated his 11th birthday by visiting Hobo Hotel and bringing kitten food.
 Wilda has a forever home at the Paul household.
Casey wanted a cat for his 12th birthday
​Kovu will make his forever home with Sandra.
.Renee Primeaux and Brian Griggs, with KellerWilliams, brought a car full of food and litter.
Butterbean and Kibble are going home with the Young family.
.Chloe brought treats, food and toys for the kitties.
Brittany is adding Haley to the family.
Cooper was adopted by the Smith family a couple of years ago. He has grown into a beautifull sweet boy.